How to take edibles first time : Make the most of your first time and every time

How do edibles work?

How do edibles work?
If you’re smoking cannabis, you’ll feel effects right away. But edibles are more complicated then you think: Your body needs time to digest, metabolize, and absorb the cannabinoid compounds. Depending on your metabolism strength, body weight, and many other factors, it could take well over an hour before the edible effects are noticeable. How do edibles work?
Inhaling sends the psychoactive THC — which has just been activated by the heat you applied — and other, non-intoxicating cannabinoids directly to your bloodstream and brain.
That was fast ! Here’s how THC is absorbed into your body through edibles:
After traveling down your esophagus, the delicious edible lands in your stomach.
The edible is digested by acids and enzymes that break it down into its component parts, including THC.
The THC is absorbed through the lining of the stomach and taken to the liver.
In the liver, THC is transformed into 11-Hydroxy-THC, which is like super-THC. It’s more potent and can cross the blood-brain barrier more easily than THC that’s been inhaled.
Edibles are slower — but they can also be stronger and energetic.

Portion control: how much should I eat ?


Patience is a virtue and is a necessity when you’re eating edibles. Whether you are new to all systems of cannabis delivery or you’re just new to edibles, you should start with the lowest amount possible. Consider cutting a piece in a half to start. Save the rest amount for a later. (It will still be just as good, we promise.)
By many people’s standards, 2mg of THC is considered a “low” or “micro-dose,” while 5mg of THC is a standard dose. For those experienced with edibles, 10mg is a strong starting point with great pain relief and deep relaxation effects.
If you are looking for an edible experience that does not get you high, try an edible that is high in CBD and low in THC.
Edible F.A.Q.
Should I eat something before consuming an edible?
Whether you have food in your stomach affects the consumption time and intensity of the THC, and it is advisable to eat a snack or food before your first time, just in case. It is not a bad idea to have THC-free snacks on hand after you take edibles, especially because it is very hard to be satisfied with just one gummy or brownie.
What if I have never smoked or vaped in my life before?
If your body has never experienced the effects of the THC before, that doesn’t mean you should avoid edibles. Many people prefer edibles for the smoking and vaping purpose. However, always start with the smallest amount of THC possible—2 mg, if you can break your brownie bite or gummy into a small pieces —and wait up to two hours for the effects.
Drink water, eat snacks, and relax while you are waiting. Always listen to your body! That said, even if you have already smoked and vaped before, you should expect different effects from the edibles, which are slower but stronger.
What if I accidentally take too much amount ?

edibles first time

It happens. And it can be a bad time. Next time, you’ll remember to go slow and low. (We repeat: You can always eat more, but you can’t eat less.) We believe in being prepared—and sometimes even over-prepared—so try to memorize and follow these steps if you get too high anytime.(or just keep this guide in an easily accessible location):

Repeat this mantra: This will pass. Drink water, relax, and stay away from the driving. The effects will go away don’t worry, it just takes a bit of time.

If you have it, try some pure form of CBD. Make absolutely sure that your CBD source doesn’t have any THC, and try a little amount at a time. CBD is known to temper the effects of THC and can help slow down and control that “racy” feeling. How do edibles work?

Drink water-preferably cold. For at least 10 to 15 minutes, keep sipping iced water to dull your high and combat dry mouth, an occasional side effect of THC. Adding ground black pepper, lemon zest, shredded ginger, and mint leaves can also help to settle your stomach and minimize the psychoactive effects.

Sit back and watch some Netflix Show. Depending on your high and your personality, this is easier said than done. But this too shall pass, and you can distract yourself by getting yourself in the comfortable position and finding a passive activity. How do edibles work?

Sleep. Drink some amount of water and tuck yourself into bed. You’ll wake up refreshed, and though you may be a little groggy or “off” the next morning, it will dissipate quickly. It’s not like an alcohol hangover at all.

My friend swears by this certain type of the edible. Will it work for me?

Sorry, the same edibles with the same amounts of the THC will affect different people differently. Bodies don’t metabolize THC in the same way or in the same amount of time. Always try treat every new edible as a new experience.

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