Cannabis Can Boost Intimacy In Sex


Smoking cannabis with your significant other could improve your relationship. It brings people together, eases tension, and makes sex way better—plus it has real health benefits. How could you ask for more?
If your relationship is starting to fizzle, skip the post-dinner cocktails and enjoy a joint or edible with your better half instead. In addition to its myriad health benefits, cannabis can help you fully appreciate your partner on multiple levels. Here’s how:
Let’s lead with that. Having sex while high is way better than sober sex, and a million times better than sloppy drunk sex. You’ll both feel more relaxed, less inhibited, and even the lightest touch will cause your skin to erupt in wave after wave of tingly, erotic sensations.
Weed definitely heightens all your senses, but it pays special attention to your erogenous zones. That’s right—your naughty bits are jam-packed with cannabinoid receptors, and studies show that your body actually releases its own natural endocannabinoids during orgasm. Smoking cannabis beforehand jump-starts that process.It also increment blood flow. This is very important for males because it helps them achieve a more satisfying erection, but it’s also very effective for women. A mild to moderate high can increase circulation throughout the vaginal area to increase sensitivity and arousal. If it works, a noticeable warmth can be felt within minutes of getting high, and you’ll peak faster and with more intensity. If you’ve never tried it, we highly recommend it.
Dinner Date
Cannabis has uncounted uses in sex other than simply smoking either before or even for the more risky approach, during your encounters. It can be used as a way to increase bonding time spent together, for example, why not prepare a romantic meal? Instead of garlic butter why don’t you apply some homemade cannabutter to the mix, a quite and unobtrusive way of bringing cannabis to the table and you never know where dinner might lead!
Couch Date
Some indica heavy strains are known for their couch lock properties leaving you staring longingly into the distance, an activity that can also be shared with your partner. Take advantage of these body-heavy strains and spent the time in each other arms or looking into each others eyes as opposed to searching the cosmos.
Nature Date
Remember reading those lonely singles ad’s about them enjoying long walks in the park as a medium to show their sensitive side? Well, they could have just been a marijuana smoker. Schedule a date or walk in an area you both relish, ideally the woods or same area of nature. This way you can both marvel at the beauty of your atmosphere whilst high and take in the full spectrum of colours and sounds to be had.
Massage Date
The holy grail of dates. Let’s be honest who doesn’t enjoy a massage session, your already half way there with the usually distinct lack of clothes. Well, it turns out that cannabis users have hit the jackpot. It’s declared that the THC in cannabis can boost to make female orgasms last 15 minutes, with the added benefit of being available in lubricant form. Whilst the effects are not guaranteed and vary depending on how you respond to cannabis, the operation of applying the lubricant and its aromas are bound to do most of the work.
Now before you start jumping for joy at the revelation that two of your favourite activities just got better there are several caveats to this idealistic match. An individual’s enjoyment of cannabis is all down to personal preference, affecting each person in different ways. Your favourite sprain may not be the same as your partners. As well as a change in strain preference the effects can vary and many users report a decline in sexual desire whilst stoned, especially if choosing an indica heavy type of cannabis. Picking a sativa heavy strain can also have detrimental effects. Despite the close physical contact of sex, THC rich strains can generally distance couples mentally as their minds wonder.
Ultimately like all good things, too much of something can be a bad thing. With personal preference generally the determining factor in both movement. It is a case of experimentation and balance when trying to combine the two as well as the right circumstances. Just like smoking cannabis, sex is an activity all about the status and mood your in at the time.

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